Today it is almost impossible to imagine a greenhouse that brings a good yield without modern greenhouse equipment and systems. To receive high quality production and high productivity it is necessary to have the reliable and effective equipment for greenhouses. Our company delivers and installs not only complete set greenhouse equipment, but also necessary separate materials for greenhouse. We sell greenhouses "turnkey" regardless of the complexity and scale of the projects.


Innovative and high quality equipment.

Import equipment from Europe, Turkey, and Sri Lanka  


Well-established equipment delivery system

Prompt response to the tasks at hand. Only proven suppliers of raw materials and components. 


No language barrier (we speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, Turkish, German)

Continuous professional technical support and expert advice are provided throughout the cooperation from the moment of the order. 


Agronomists with many years of experience

We are distinguished by our flexibility and individual approach to each client.  Offering effective and most convenient cooperation. 


High yield

High-quality and high-tech equipment ensures highly efficient crop production, in accordance with all agronomic requirements.